It's me!

I’m Delphine Brunetière, a UX/UI Designer on the lookout!

I've been a Designer for 4 years, and a freelance Digital and Visual designer since 2018, working for companies like AppCell or Access Finance. In the past I've built visual identities and UI for different websites and products like Noty

I’m based in Angers, France but I am looking to relocate.

My resume


Ironhack Amsterdam

UX/UI Design

2018 - 2019
Code Académie

Web Development

2013 - 2016
London Metropolitan University

BA Digital Media


2018 - present

Digital Designer



I focus on Branding, Web and Product Design. I'm interested in Ethical Design, digital belonging and Social Media.

"Convenience Store Woman" by Sayaka Murata
"Ruined by Design" by Mike Monteiro
"Designing for Emotion"
by Aarron Walter
"Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay
"Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good"
by Adrienne Maree Brown

Some books I've liked or that I'm reading right now

"Design the Life You Love" by Ayse Birsel
"Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman" by Bill Zehme
"The Design of Everyday Things"
by Donald A. Norman
"The Laws of Simplicity" by John Maeda
"Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation" by Anne Helen Peterson

I always root for the underdog, in my designs or otherwise. Kendall Roy is my favorite character in Succession.

I also like tea, herbalism, yoga, reading, working with textile, and I recently opened an Etsy shop where I sell my linocut prints.