Brand designer

Access Finance

Project overview

Access Finance was a new business in need of a logo, brand identity and official documents. I took on the project to shape the birth of the company.

Brand designer
Tools & skills:
Illustrator, InDesign

Let's look at the context

Everything was to be done. The business owner had just acquired the office space to start his activity and was eager to have a clean and professional visual identity to reflect his ability and skills.

Solving the problem

After discussions with the business owner, I found out what his expectations were for his company and the image he wanted to project.

I needed to present a logo that would resonate with him and his hopes for the future of his business.

What I did

After a few proposals and iterations, my logo and visual identity was validated by my client.

The next step was to apply it to official legal documents, business cards, stickers and email signatures.

How it went

My work was an investment for Access Finance, it allowed them to start right and establish themselves as the serious and successful company that they are today.