Product Designer

Prime Video 'Movie Night'

Project overview

Prime Video is an Amazon streaming platform with about 175 million users worldwide, offering movies, TV shows, and sports programs. I’ve enhanced the user experience by designing a feature that allows users to share a streaming session together.

Product Designer
Tools & skills:
Miro - Sketch - Invision - Design Thinking - User Research
July 2020

Let's look at the context

When I started this project, Amazon Prime Video just introduced its personal profile feature. Through user testing, I discovered these profiles didn’t offer interactions between them.

Furthermore, I learned that users were looking to watch programs together. In fact, there were over 100, 000 downloads for unofficial browser plugins that made Prime Video stream sharing possible. It meant the expectation was already there, but the product wasn’t able, at the time, to meet the users needs with an official feature.

In 2020, the pandemic made people stay in lockdown, often isolated. I’ve used this opportunity to improve the customer experience by using the platform as a connection tool between users. I’ve designed a feature that offers an official sharing feature for Prime Video users.

Solving the problem

To get Prime Video users to move from an unofficial tool to an official one, I have designed a stream sharing feature for the Prime Video app that I named ‘Movie Night’.

This feature allows users to watch Prime Video programs together, even when in different spaces, bringing friends and families together in times of separation.

Users can invite other users to watch a program together unplanned, or scheduled as an event. Sharing is done through the app, or through any other messaging platform.While watching, users can chat together via video, audio or text.

What I did

To tackle the challenges above, I’ve applied a design thinking way of working.

First, this means getting to know the users. I’ve done both desk research and user research to discover user pain points. I’ve done comparative analysis to determine the essential features expected from similar products.

These essential features led me to work out the information architecture to integrate my new feature into the existing flow. Based on Prime Video’s UI and visual style for iOS, I created an icon for ‘Movie Night’ and a UI for the feature.

From there, I’ve presented a hi-fi prototype to the stakeholders and validated my feature after a usability test with the users.

How it went

As a result I have delivered a hi-fi prototype for a stream sharing feature seamlessly integrated into the original Prime Video app.

While I was working on this design, Amazon Prime Video was testing a similar feature with their US members. They called it ‘Watch Party’.  It clearly shows that my project was relevant and my research would have brought great value to the product.

For this reason, I am very proud of the research I’ve conducted and of the insight it took to start a project like this one.