Brand designer, Product designer, Art Director


Project overview

Soqrate was developing a software to centralise all the real estate properties of notarial offices in France. As the lead designer on the project, I was trusted to make professionals' lives easier and make the software look good.

Brand designer, Product designer, Art Director
Tools & skills:
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Let's look at the context

In France, notary offices didn't communicate together, as a result they only have their own properties to show to possible buyers/renters. The Noty software's goal was to make a product that would connect all using offices so they could offer properties from other offices who are part of the network anywhere in the country.

Solving the problem

This project was full of challenges. The notarial discipline requires good understanding of profession-specific limitations, categorisations and informations that can't be skipped over. Before starting this project I didn't know anything about notarial offices and how they worked.

Another challenge was to create a color palette and style for a product to evolve in the long-term. The primary goal was to launch a networking and negociation product, but there were talks about evolving into property evaluation and social media coverage in the future.

What I did

As I first stated, the notary world is so specific that I needed to do a lot of research to better understand the profession and needs of the users.

In charge of the art direction of the project, I chose a name, created the logo, and visual identity for Noty.

I designed prototypes for the product, notably for a search-properties-by-neighborhood flow to narrow down research in app.

For the launch of the software, I put in place a communication strategy to promote the product on social media, as well as in the form of a promotional booklet presenting the software.

How it went

The launch of the product was a success and Noty is now the #1 network negotiation software on the French market.